Injector ticking 311 sprinter

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Jun 27, 2020
311 sprinter lwb 2007
Hi just after some advice, i have a 2007 w906 311, ive had multiple problems with the injectors. when i bought the van the rear injector had been replaced, however the bolt had been snapped off and badly drilled and bolted down with a masonary bolt o_O the other bolt holes had damaged threads and i ended up drilling them all out and retapped to m10. then i fitted m10 torque head bolts, which were fine for awhile till one losened ive since had to put blue thread lock on to make sure it doesnt happen again.
my question is the rear number 4 injector which looks new is making a fairly loud ticking noise louder than the rest,ive found its number 4 as the ticking stops when i turn 4 off with the diagnostics, ive checked its not leaking and the washer is sealed. is this a sign of it being faulty? Also as the injectors seem to be expensive is their any alternative injectors that are cheaper from another vehicle that could be a straight swap?
other then the noise the van runs fine but does have a grey/white smoke most of the time.
I have read your post.
Normally the injectors are held down with 6x1 mm special bolts by MB.
Yes I/We often see them torn out for all sorts of reasons.
The immediate fix is a timesert insert which brings the thread back to 6x1 as per std build.

Should the damaged hole is too wide to accept this repair, then the hole is tapped out to 7x1 mm and we use MB's OM651 7x1mm bolts and hold down claws
Now according to your post you have opened the hole up to 10mm and used 10mm hold down bolts, when in these situation you could have used a 10x 1,25 insert with a 6 x1 interior thread and used std hold down bolts.

Now you state that one injector is or appears new, installed prior to you purchasing the van.
Question #1 is to ask/verify if that injector is the correct one.
The part number is on the solenoid head.
Question #2 is to look into injector adaptation with scan tool, and see if the injectors have been en-coded into the ECM. Again the injector codes are on the solenoid head as a series of six letters & number combos .
Question #3 If you have doubts about an injector it should be bench computer controlled tested by a Bosch FIE dealer /repair shop for the 5 set parameters.

Now you state smoke continuously . Grey/White.
This is a clear indication of poor injection associated with low compression & insufficient heat in the cylinder(s)

Might it just be that you have a mechanical fault one that injector/cylinder ?
With the scan tool why not do a scan tool related compression test?.
If you have any doubts, then follow it up it up with a mechanical compression test?
You should see at least 370 psi to light a fire .all proper like
That white stuff starts at about 50 psi !!!

Why not do a stethoscope test with a long screwdriver held against the injector and your ear?
Is the ticking sound injector related or mechanical engine related like a piston or valve gear etc ???
As for injectors being a Piezo style they are expensive.
On this side of the pond. they are about $525 each retail. So about 375 quid in Brit "piasters" . Not cheap!
Hope that helps you with a fix decision
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