Injectors Vito 639

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Mar 18, 2023
Hi all
I have a Vito Bus 111 from 2008 automatic and I bought a viano from 2005 with manual drive an d 150 hp, the problem is I want to swap the engine from viano to my Vito, the problem that I understand is that the injector are not compatible between them and are different voltage, so if I want to do the swap I need the ECU as well, the ECU on the viano is for manual drive and my Vito is automatic, any advice on how to manage to sort this issue? What I understood is that the injectors from my Vito 111 are thinners then the injectors from viano 150 hp. Any advice would be much appreciated
I couldn't tell you how they communicate, but there is a transmission control unit (TCU) that to my mind is more relevant to the auto. You are keeping your auto box so surely this is less of an issue.
The TCU is the 3rd electronic control within your under bonnet control unit. You're aware of the ECU, the SAM is mounted underside of the fuse / relay tray, so there is just the TCU left.

It's well worth noting the identification of your SAM while in there, for if it throws wobblies in future.

Tbh I thought all Viano's were auto.
So, what would be the easy way swapping the engine and to function?

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