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Discussion in 'Insurance & Finance' started by Grahamcol, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Had a bit of bother today. My Hastings policy covering the C280 expires today and is subject to automatic renewal (unless I call them to cancel before the expiry/renewal date). OK I thought, I'll just let it auto renew. However, today (the renewal date) I checked on the MID data base and guess what, it says my car is NOT COVERED today. Upon speaking with Hastings, a very polite and helpful lady said that the auto renewal would take place today and the MID would be updated immediately but it might take 7 days for it to show up ! My problem is that although the policy renews today, the MID says NO INSURANCE and I haven't got my new insurance certificate which could take 5 working days to arrive. How do I prove the car is insured should I get stopped ? Also, I understand an automatic warning letter is sent out but I've done nothing wrong. In fact, during the conversation today with Hastings, they manually renewed the policy and took payment as I wanted to be absolutely certain the cover had been renewed. I hope they don't duplicate the payment as a result - I am assured this won't happen. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhh !!!!!!!!
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    That one
    If you did get a pull, just explain the situation to the police and they'll probably just give you a producer.
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    ^^What he said^^. It's only an admin catch up if your company have said cover is maintained.

    The Police will be able to confirm or give you time to confirm.

    If all else fails, ensure you have this playing and the window open as they approach......

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