Insurance, hype and reality

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Oct 10, 2003
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Well I got my renewal this morning and spent many a happy hour doing the round of all the usual suspects just to see what was available.

My renewal is with Esure and came in at £293.65 including 11 years no claims discount of 72%. I'm quite happy with it but as the car is 10 years old I thought I'd try elswhere. I know cheapest is not always best, but not having had a claim for 11 years I only ever use an insurance certificate to obtain a tax disc. I wont really know what the service is like until/unless I come to actually make a claim.

The AA
The hype...If you want to save up to £199 just AAsk ....The quote £526.85, wont be AAsking again.

The hype... If you want an insurance quote, how about "Tesco is cheapest"... The quote £517.65. "Tesco is NOT cheapest"

The hype... Churchill can save you up to 30% on your car insurance... The quote £547.05. 30% of what exactly?

The hype... We guarantee to beat your current renewal premium... The quote £509.25. What does GUARANTEE actually mean ?

More Th>n.
The hype... Dont accept less than More Th>n... The quote. £496.81. Well it's less than £500 but it's certainly More th>n

I then ran my details through and they came back with a best figure of £452.87. Confused ? I sure am but I'm still only paying £293.65.
Just realised that Sainsburys who I am now using and provided the cheapest quote on my BMW are owned by First Alternative ... who are owned by ... you guessed, Esure !

Esure & First Alternative sites wouldn't even give me a quote on my new car, and yet Sainsbury's who insure through them have come out the cheapest !! Interesting !!


Delighted to have you back with us - interestingly - your renewal experience is proving to be exactly the same as mine so I don't think I'll be swapping either. I could save a couple of pounds moving to First Alternative so might do that - but it's a joke. I don't understand how low risk, high NCD people such as us find ourselves with such high quotes from these people who reckon to be offering excellent value :crazy:

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