Intake Manifolds for E350 CDI (OM642.852)

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Jan 13, 2020
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E350 CDI
For sale are the manifolds that were removed from my car; a late 2011 W212 with the 265bhp engine.
My car had done about 86k miles when they came off.
They are in pretty decent condition. I've already given them a blast with 6 cans of carb/EGR cleaner (I had an oil cooler leak!), but you might want to really go to town on cleaning them; obviously the insides require a bit more effort to get them pristine should you so wish.
There is also a tiny 1cm scratch smaller than a human hair on one of the manifold gasket surfaces, and I can barely detect it with my finger nail. I've included a photo of this in the interests of complete transparency, and there is a PZ2 impact driver bit in the image for scale.
The size of the scratch is so small that I would not imagine this will cause any sealing issues with the manifold gasket.
I wish the seller of the manifold set I bought had been so transparent, as there was a bit of a gouge on the thermostat mating surface on the ones I received, about 10-20x worse that the scratch I have highlighted. I was able to file the proud portions of it flat and the garage inspected it and said it would be fine and they just put the thinnest smear of RTV silicone on before they mated up the thermostat. It hasn't leaked and I don't expect it to.

I had the oil cooler seals changed by an independent specialist earlier in the year, and I bought some second hand intake manifolds etc, cleaned them all up, and supplied these to the garage so they could fit pristine intake manifolds.
When this job is done on your car by a garage and reusing your own manifolds, the garages are able to scrape a bit of crud off, but understand that they don't go back on the car in a state that I would call 'clean'.
So the most cost effective way to achieve this was to supply fully cleaned second hand manifolds.
The garage wouldn't let me take my manifolds away and clean them and bring them back as their ramp time is too valuable (understandably).
It's worth noting that providing replacement cleaned manifolds like this will result in the transfer of a couple of bits from your old manifolds to the new ones. It will be a few low £10s more expensive than a 'standard' oil cooler seals replacement job, as a few extra gaskets will be needed. The worst of which is the thermostat gasket, at some sort of rip-off price from Merc something like £16.

The intake manifold part numbers are A6420907737 and A6420906637.
New manifolds are in the region of £500-600 each.
Please check via your VIN that these match you car; I won't be responsible for returns unless they are damaged in transit.

I also have the EGR cooler for sale. Again, blasted with carb cleaner so pristine on the outside.
Mercedes part number A6421401675.

I also have my original swirl flap motor for sale. This was working perfectly when removed from my car, but I opted for a brand new one to be fitted when I had the cooler seals replaced.
Mercedes part number A6421500594. Pierburg part number 7.01132.09
Available from Autodoc for about £140

I'd like to sell the lot for £250, but I'm open to offers or splitting.
I'm also travelling between Notts and Southampton on Saturday 26th June and 3rd July, so if that makes drop off/collection easier, I'm happy to arrange. Otherwise I can sort out a courier at cost (I have all the packaging saved from when I received the first pair, so no packaging cost).
The swirl flap motor has now gone.

Just the intake manifolds and cooler left.

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