Intake restriction Reduction and Superchargers

Discussion in 'Engine' started by kylem, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Jan 22, 2014
    Mercedes CLK200 Kompressor
    Hi all. With my latest wave of modifications I have decided to have a look under the bonnet. I have a clk200 Kompressor, but being nineteen dont really have the money for a new S/C pulley or anything fancy like that. Among other suspension modifications, I found a nice free flowing exhaust I welded up (decat) made a nice difference, so I have decided to stick with airflow. I plan on replacing as much as I can between the airbox and the TB.
    Cone air filter, (maybe two), aluminum 3" intake pipes, resonator delete, new itntercooler and piping and so on.
    I'm hoping to see decent gains due to the fact the panel filter is hugley thick to deaden the S/C whine and the resonator is bound to cause restriction.

    Herein lies my questions, firstly, my supercharger is always engaged. I know this is a common problem due to a mostif in the ECU but it is above my head to fix and dosent really bother me. I'm just going to leave it. Does this myan the bypass valve on my piping is no longer necessary? I know it also acts as a blow off valve, but if it is no longer needed to bypass air, I would like to replace it with a common blow off valve. MUCH less boost leak, and will look better when I take the car to this seasons shows. Also, would it throw a light on the dash or send the car into limp mode should it be removed.

    And finally, I read somewhere on here that a guy used different oil and it made his S/C quieter? Was he referring to the engine oil, is it true, and what oil would be recommended to reduce the whine as much as possible.

    I know I am asking alot, but some of you on here are remarkably well informed. Any help appreciated, thanks.

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