Interior super bright LEDs in mirror

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Jun 30, 2023
2011 E350 Cabrio
I have a 2011 E350 Cabrio and the interior light has never quite worked right in that the reading light buttons don't work. Also the auto dimming in the mirror don't work and the LEDs under the mirror are dead. I figured that these are probably linked as all in the same part of the car.
Anyway, I got the interior lamp out today and a plug to the mirror is pulled out so I plug it back in. The LEDs under the mirror have come on really bright and an error message says that auto lights aren't working so I've pulled it out again.
Has anyone seen any issues like this before? Any ideas or clues?
I'm thinking of just changing the lamp unit first to see if everything is fixed but am not keen on randomly changing parts.
I'll try to add a picture as the site won't let me right now
Not sure the lights look very bright in the pic but in the car they are way too much 😕
Maybe that's the problem? They should be normal bulbs but someone "upgraded" them to LEDs and the car is showing a fault? Try putting normal bulbs in and see if your problems go away.
That's a good idea. I'll see if they pop out easily for changing
They don't. They are soldered directly to the board as standard so can't be changed unless you are super good with solder.

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