Intermittent FAULT on 7G 722.9 gearbox


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Mar 2, 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne
2001 Mercedes E320 CDI (W210) OM613
Intermittent fault on a 7G gearbox that seems to be getting worse after it has been parked up for 2 weeks.

The fault is that once you put the car in Drive if you try to go in to Reverse it will not go past Neutral so the only gears you can move between is Drive and Neutral.

The only way you can Reverse in this case is to turn the ignition off and move the gear to Park and then restart the car and select Reverse.

Sometimes it works fine but then other tines it will get stuck between Drive and Neutral.

Has anyone else experienced this too and is able to shed some light on the issue.


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Oct 23, 2014
Had this on you 63plate W204 C250 CDI, with the 7G+ box, everyone said it was just me not knowing how to use it despite having multiple auto Mercs and never came across this problem before. Not taken it to dealer yet as it seems too intermittent. Most often happens when placing into P at junction or local level crossing. Only way to get it past neutral as you say is to switch off and on again. Not ideal and obviously an issue with a solenoid or switch somewhere. I would say the fault is almost certainly not mechanical! Let me know if you get any further diagnosing it than I did!


Jul 21, 2017
2011 c220 Amg
What's the service intervals on your gearbox? Has it been done recently?

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Jul 5, 2017
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My first post so bear with me.

I am new to Mercedes. I have a 2014 e220 which I have owned for a few weeks.

I had an occasion where I couldn't select drive or reverse.

Very embarrassing as I was holding up traffic at a junction.

The problem was my unfamiliarity with the shift lever.

I was holding the shift lever with my fingers point upwards and my palm facing towards me. What I didn't notice was that by holding it in this way my thumb was resting on the button on the end of the stalk. My thumb was repeatedly selecting P without my realising it.

I bet I'm not the only person who's made this mistake. It was an enormous relief when I realised as I thought I'd bought a knackered car.

Regards. Chris

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