Intermittent hesitation in cars especially at roundabouts and junctions

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Feb 5, 2005

My 2016 GLE 250d, bought new April 2016, about 22k miles on the car and a MBFSH

I'm a gentle driver and I noted the first time as travelling to Borumounth in Sept, when I rolled up to a big roundabout and then joined and sped up gently for a couple of seconds the car did not respond until I floored the car. The car seems to drive really well other than that. This also happens as I roll up to mini roundabouts and junctions where i slow down and join the roundabout/etc without stopping. The car hesitates quite notably and though not have to floor the car as I'm aware of this I do have to push the accelerator close to the metal

I felt to let it run as it runs well rather than waste money atm as it does drive good and I'm aware of what may happen and act accordingly.

Btw, at times, when pulling up to a junction, I have felt on a few occasions during the past few months car wants to stall but it does not but this too is very intermittent.
I have to add I often notice things when others don't. I guess if I was a boy racer type, I would not have noted these niggles

I did not tell the MB people during the service as I felt it would be a waste of my money, lol.

Any ideas, please?
Has the transmission had a service ?
Yes at 5 years, the car has FSHMB at the correct intervals

I've been reading other forums since posting this thread and many people get this kind of problem on 220/250d's autos &G &9G, mine is 9G and they just put up with it. Some say its the "driving style" & a few have chatted about "auto box software update."
Unable to edit as over 30 mins. Would like to add:

PS: To be more clear and easier to understand my plight. The car, when approaching a roundabout for example, from crawling to roundabout and then joining and trying to accelerate without pushing hard on the accelerator, at times the car hesitates for more than a second unless I give it a lot more juice than normal. The car accelerates fine at above crawl speed and accelerates as expected. Then there is an intermittent/rare feeling of cars going to shut down when approaching slow a junction and coming to a complete halt but it does not shut down. A new battery was fitted a few months after this problem came to light, therefore nothing was done to the car around the time this problem started. Many threads on other and these forums I've noted, and most put up with it some say try sports mode, but none of it works for them. Some have changed re throttle body, some re software and others oil in the auotbox and many re software but no solutions that I have read.
After the level of the ATF is checked it might be time to get it 'plugged in' and codes read and maybe have it plugged in while being driven with the real time info being read (and recorded) by a trusted mechanic.
This is the exact same symptom I had on my clk with m112 engine.
A replacement MAF sorted it.

Might also be worth checking the brake light switch as I understand this can cause similar problems 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Hi , I notice that your car has not done many miles.

Do you fill the car tank up every time this not having an air gap in the fuel tank.

I had a boat that had diesel engines in it and every time I used the boat filled it up with diesel plus added fuel set. ( First )

Google a product called Fuel Set.

Clean fuel in modern diesel engines is paramount.

The product is very safe to humans , not like certain additives , it brakes down bugs etc.

If you decide to use Fuel Safe don't overdose it , only a very small amount is required.
All tanks have an air gap….

it’s what happens as your fuel gets used and the level drops.

Good modern fuels don’t really need aftermarket additives, boats may differ as the systems don’t get used as often as a car ?
All tanks have an air gap….

it’s what happens as your fuel gets used and the level drops.

Good modern fuels don’t really need aftermarket additives, boats may differ as the systems don’t get used as often as a car ?
Hi , Have you read how Fuel Set works and who uses the product ?
thanks all, as suspected, possibly difficult to fix. will keep reading and considering, thanks.
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