Intermittent P0236 and odd engine behaviour

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Jun 28, 2017
2011 C220 CDI
Hi everyone,
So I'm having an issue with my W204 C220 CDI (2011). A few months ago, the engine started to behave strangely. It would hang on to gears way too long and cruise around the 2000 RPM level when doing 30 mph. Usually, turning the engine off and on would fix this and it would be back down to the usual 1000-1500 RPM level. The problem was intermittent until one day the engine light came on and stayed on even after engine restarts. The error code read was P0236 (boost pressure).

Took the car to my mechanic who tested all the hoses and found no leaks and the actuators are also working normally. He replaced the MAP sensor which seemed to reduce the frequency of the issue. However, about 2 weeks ago it seems to have popped up again. This time, the ECU software was upgraded. Now again, the problem has come back but as usual it's intermittent (ie no engine light).

Any ideas what could be causing this? It's the intermitency which is so annoying. A quick engine turn off and on will usual fix it but it always seems to come back.

Thanks in advance
What are the fault codes?
At the moment, there are no fault codes. But the behaviour of the engine (over-revving) is identifical to when the code P0236 was displayed. Again, this does not happen all the time, maybe once every 10/15 times the engine is started.

Did you every get an answer to this question or solve your problem? I have the exact same issue.


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