Intro/W202 AMG Restoration

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Nov 9, 2023
Park Royal
Hello everyone,

Thanks for having me here on the MBClub forum and please let me introduce myself.

My name is Aaron and I currently work at a company called GMR Automotive (website pending). We specialise in maintenance and service work of Pagani's and McLaren's in London (Park Royal).

I have recently started my new business venture joining this team and dare I say it mixing business with pleasure.

We also run a GT3 Mercedes team in the world endurance stage (Gruppe M).

The owner of the company has decided to purchase himself a W202 C43 AMG which requires a little bit love.

I will open a new thread with the restoration on a general discussion page after this intro.

Please have a look at the thread when/if you get some time as I am sure I will be needing your guys/girls expertise.

Thanks and wish me luck.
Welcome to MBClub. Very cool! Sounds like an exciting job and project. So is this to bring a road car business to sit alongside the racing team? If so then if you have any spare 2024 Spa 24h hospitality tickets kicking around then… 👀

Racing aside, both Pagani and McLaren tend to be popular brands amongst Mercedes owners due to their entwined heritage so I’m sure there will be lots of interest beyond your C 43 project which you have started a thread on.

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