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Jan 10, 2016
Mercedes 190e
Good evening,

I've lurked around this forum for years, originally with my old 190e which I edged towards completing an OM606 swap, then changed to an M104 swap, which I then sold for parts.

I've owned W124's & W202's before, in various different states of repair, and currently use my S211 E320 daily. Most recently (2 or so years ago), I picked up my current W202 which I've been very slowly fixing up. It had been in a bit of a bump, which I'll perhaps detail in a project post. It's a C230k Manual, so feel it's worth saving!

But, I'm having issues starting the car. It won't start without the MAF bring unplugged, despite changing it for a known, working unit.

I've checked/changed:

- Crank sensor
- Cam sensor

I think that I've determined that they all work, but would welcome your feedback on what to try next as I'm pretty stumped!

Next thing I'll be doing is ordering a code reader of some description. Again, any advice on that front is welcome!


While the W202 won't have many ECUs that can be read via the OBDII port, still you need to connect a code reader and see what fault codes come up.

The best option is obviously MB STAR, if you know anyone who has one and is willing to scan your car.

Alternatively, you could invest in a third party code reader such as iCarsoft, Carly, or Autel with MB-specific software.

Failing that, even a £10 Bluetooth dongle from eBay and the Torque mobile app will be better than nothing.

But without a code reader, you're playing 'parts darts'....
Hi and welcome 👍
Welcome to the forum. I hope you have your issues sorted out soon.

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