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Oct 15, 2023
w211 e270cdi estate
Good day,

My name is Manuel Kraak (I am Dutch but have been living in southern Spain for a year and a half).
I drive a mercedes w211 e 270 cdi estate.

I am working on making a table book (photo book with small text and explanation) about the Mercedes 036 w124 500e/e500/limited and e60AMG. I would therefore like to receive professional photos to achieve this.
In return, I will send any person's cooperation a book for free when it is finished. The condition is that these photos must first be approved by my own photographer to see if this is possible. Also look forward to the personal stories about the experiences and reasons for purchasing this special car. For example, if it is a 500 that is for sale, I am also prepared to mention the name of the company in my book.

If anyone is interested in having professional photos taken by a photographer, I am even willing to contribute.

I live in southern Spain and work with a professional photographer. If anyone is interested in Spain, I can offer a photo session in Spain completely free of charge in exchange for the publication of the photos in my book.
I will be in the Netherlands with my photographer from October 23 to 25 to photograph a number of W124 500s, so we would like to take advantage of the opportunity to have more photo sessions by appointment in the Netherlands or Belgium in the next few days.

I hope for cooperation for the first super nice book that will be specifically and exclusively about the Mercedes 036 w124 500e/e500/limited and e60AMG.

Manuel Kraak

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