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May 16, 2005
This and that.
Does anybody here know anything about iPAQs?

I need somebody to explain, in plain English, and without resorting to "then set that to whatever your configuartion requires" type copouts.

I have an iPAQ rx3715 that I want to connect to the internet via my home wireless network, and ideally to connect it to the network itself, to browse files and so on.

The network is WPA-PSK.
The router is set to 802.11b & g
The iPAQ can see my network.
Every so often, it connects, but I can't get to the intenet because I "have no modem installed"
When configuring my network authentication, I've ticked "Use IEEE 802.1x NAC", the EAP type is PEAP and when I click "Properties", I'm told I cannot log on to the wireless network beause it requires a personal certificate to positively identify me. I don't know how to create a certificate and put it on the iPAQ, and I have no confidence that'll fix the problem.

I'm getting really pi$$ed off!


Hi, off the top of my head, I would check that your version of windows on ipaq can accept wpa encryption.
To test this, simply turn off your encryption for a moment ( obvioulsy not long or left off )

The RX 3715, is a good ipaq ( it was built as a media player ) and can easily browse.
Are you running windows Mobile 6 or mobile 2003 ?

I use an ipaq - 2003 system and have no problem

If so - turn on wifi - go to settings - connections - advanced - network card - it should then find any wifi outlets - click on the one you want and input the code ...
I'm using WM2003.

When I go to Settings - Connections - Connections - Advanced, I don't have a Network Card option. I only have Select Networks, Dialing Rules and Exceptions
Oh -- when I get to that page I have

Select Networks
Select Locations
Network Card..

not sure now what to advise..sorry
crockers said:
Does it connect via the docking cradle?

It can, but the problem is the same either way

[/quote=Crockers]If so have a look at this[/quote]

Doesn't help I'm afraid :(
Something at the back of my mind tells me that the iPAQ has trouble with WPA-PSK, even though it should work. Could I suggest setting your security to WEP for a few mins to see if you get any joy then?

Couple of threads:




Sorry I can't help any further
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I'll try that, thanks.


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