iPhone 3GS in car advice requested

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by DITTRICH, Jun 9, 2011.


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    I have succumbed and have finally joined the 21st century by getting the above gadget which I want to hook up inside the 1999 w202 c230k.

    Plan A
    The iPhone has voice control.
    So has anyone just used an iPhone in the car without a separate handsfree kit made by a third party? If so, how did you do it?

    Plan B
    THB Bury cc9060
    I am told this can be integrated with the car speakers and mute my headunit / satnav. Not sure where they would put the microphone, though.
    So has anyone got one of these systems and how is it set up?

    I have already purchased a Kuda console (EUR5.00 only) and will be getting a THB Bury System 9 active cradle to charge the iPhone anyway regardless of Plan A or Plan B.

    The headunit / satnav in the car is a kenwood KVT-627DVD / KNA-G520 which is too old to be compatible with any of the Kenwood Bluetooth modules.
    Nonetheless, the installers claim to be able to get the THB Bury cc9060 to mute the audio and work through the car speaker system. The KVT-627DVD does have an audit mute input.

    It really boils down to cost and convenience.

    And the weird thing is, I chose in the following order:-

    Active Cradle
    Handsfree Kit

  2. W210 E55

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    Mar 31, 2011
    W210 E55
    9060 is a great kit, do you want to be able to play music from your iPhone? If so then look at the parrot mki9200. I'd avoid the 9060 music as the interface is terrible. The mic would normally go up by the interior light
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