iPods, the REAL answers

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Aug 30, 2007
Reading, Berks
2013 C180SE fully loaded
I'll try to keep this short (it isn't).
Bought new C180 in April, said it must work an ipod with all functions.
It didn't.:(
Told I needed a media interface.
Okay I said.:eek:
Ah, you need a 6CD changer Audio 20 for that because the media inteface does not work with the standard Audio 20.:fail
Ok I said.
£1500, they said.
F*** ! I said, well go on then.:eek:
Job done.:eek:
Nope. In the radio manual there is a photo of the media interface, an ipod, and the ipod artwork. No artwork on mine. How come there is a photo in the book ? Was it faked ?:mad:
Lots of letters, phone calls, emails, visits to dealer....
Last week, got letter from MB head office in Germany...'media interface first generation does NOT work correctly....you need second generation.:dk:
OK, so my car was out of date on the day you built it ?
No answer.
Well, give me second generation.:wallbash:
We can't. The wiring is different and there is no retro-fit kit yet.:fail
Yet ? When ?
Maybe next week.
That's ok then.:eek:
Maybe next year.

So it is almost August. My car was purchased on april 3rd. If you have a media interface and no command system you will never see artwork from your ipod.

Command goes in this week.:bannana:

I listen to my music so not that bothered about art work. I know Comand shows it but the standard Audio 20 with media interface ( and 6 CD changer) never has. Not sure why you had all the hassle to find out that though.
Should have just got the guys at comand.co.uk to fit it all for you, they could have probably fitted comand and the media interface for that money.
Why the f**k does it need a retrofit kit?

It just needs plugging in and coding.
should have bought a BMW... they are the only ones who have full Apple compatibility. iPhones wont work properly with Comand.. the internet and email doesnt work.
You say you bought your car new in April? Mine is a Feb 12 car and the iPod interface is fine. Full functionality. I have media interface but this was factory fit. The iPod plugs in under the armrest and works the same as my BMW did previously. I would escalate this as you seem to be getting a bum steer.

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