Is GLC300 recommended?

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Apr 15, 2021
2011 CLS350 Sport
Looking to get a GLC300 for my wife after our rubbish LR Discovery Sport suddenly gave up the ghost at 95k miles. Any thoughts in terms of 'yeah, good call' or 'you must be mental' etc...? Don't want to find out post-purchase that there's loads of issues with them etc. anyone out there who’s either happy to recommend or can advise of issues? Looking at petrol version rather than PHEV.
I seem to remember a few reports of clunking steering when on full lock, but do not know of much else in the way of common problems, there are a couple of GLC forums in the USA but their cars may be a different spec to the UK. MBworld has a GLC forum
Are you after a new or second hand car?
I have a 2021 GLC300 and love it, very comfortable, it’s quick surprisingly so, not really an economical car in fact the worse of the cars in the Mercedes range I have owned.

Mine is a premium plus so has the sun roof and Burmester system, I’m not too fussed about a sun roof in fact I find them a negative but I do love the Burmester system.

I had not considered an SUV before but since owning one I can see the attraction.

I have had no issues with mine but it’s still low mileage at around 13,000 miles.

Oh! I also have the running boards which I’m not keen on but can see the use for children.

There is no steering vibration on mine and I believe this was pretty much cured on later cars, mind you it was just a vibration on slow speed steering lock which bothered some owners and not others.

The steering issue happens in cold weather. I get it on my C43. If you have soft compliance rubber that moves, you won't notice it unless you're very sensitive. On hard rubber you'll notice instantly on full lock. Now that 'summer' is here, chances are you'll not get it. However, in colder months you will. I've learnt to live with it...

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