is light hearted racism ever ok?

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Me, I think it's never ok, will the beeb agree?

"The BBC’s TV chief has ordered a sweeping internal investigation into Top Gear amid concerns about racism and offensive gaffes on the show.

The review of the show’s culture and practices, ordered by BBC director of television Danny Cohen, follows controversial presenter Jeremy Clarkson being given a final warning over his behaviour on the BBC2 programme.

It is understood that workers on the show were asked if they thought the programme was racist. The investigation also explored whether a culture existed where people were afraid to speak out when they found things offensive."

BBC investigates Top Gear after Jeremy Clarkson gaffes | Media | The Guardian
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The intention is clear.
So jokes about Scots, Irish, Jews, Americans, Poles etc etc etc, to say nothing about the jokes they tell about the English, are no longer acceptable??

Take your PC mind elsewhere please. The first thing one has to learn is to take teasing yourself - otherwise you cannot tease others!

I happily accept comment about driving a kettle from those daft enough to have the engine at the wrong end of the car ( although that end often ends up leading the way, so the engine has the right idea even if the driver does not!!)
If TG can only limp on with racist and offensive gags, is it not time for some new script writers and presenters?

Top gear is the BBC's most popular program and makes them tons of money. That should tell us something about what people want to watch. Once it dies, so does the BBC and freedom of expression.
Everybody is a foreigner in another Land.......are we accepted over there as they are here? :confused:
Definitely not. :mad:

I think that answers whether we are racist as a whole but to answer your question.............who will really answer an honest reply of "yes"?? :wallbash:

Pointless thread imho :dk:
Personally I couldn't give a damn if the French refer to us Brits as 'les rosbifs'.

Why would I? Humour is essential and if someone says they are offended by being referred to like that, shouldn't we examine why one would be offended by something so unimportant?
Surely as soon as something is judged as racism it by definition can't be OK.

Perhaps the question should be, can one make light hearted comments about another's race?
If TG can only limp on with racist and offensive gags, is it not time for some new script writers and presenters?

I agree ... I turned off long ago.
I know many will not agree but I think Clarkson has been pushing it for years.
I remember sat one night years ago with my American wife listening to a torrent of anti American nonsense thinking if my TV licence money was being put to good use.

Many I am sure will think I am sensitive but it was more about the fact that it was clearly a desperate attempt to be funny rather than saying all Americans are fat etc that annoyed me. It was just poor and pathetic.

I like banter as much as the next person but there was/is? an undertone in my opinion. Not watched for a long time so no idea whats going on now.
Jeremy Clarkson knows no boundaries he will upset anyone with his comments,
I like him for that,he's just brash and rude,laugh at him,don't take offence.
The man is dinosaur that's all.

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