is this injector kaput ??? 108 cdi

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Jul 27, 2011
2001 silver vito 108cdi intercooled and with reversing sensors
hi im new to this forum i have a merc vito 108 cdi recently i had the head heli coiled to fit new injector bolt and fit new seal but on refitting i turned the key ok for first few seconds then a loud diesel knock and miss fire also lots of black smoke but its not out of the injector i had reseated heres a little video clip hope this helps

click the image to view

That looks pretty good to me.

Has the injector been set at the correct height from the bottom of the hole, by use of the correct heat-shield washer?
yes ive used the correct washer seal but the problem must be down to the injector as ive tried it in diffrent ports and its always the port that has this injector in that knocks the van has covered 182k has always had a slight diesel knock but i put it down to the no3 injector not seating correctly but i just dont know the last injector i did this test with on the vito it was a fine mist not lots like on this one . Has anyone got a spare injector knocking around i could test it
anyone ? really need help with this

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