ISS and the Docked Space Shuttle pics

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  1. Satch

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    Amazing images of Endeavour docked with ISS. The pictures are the first (and last...) taken of a shuttle docked to the International Space Station from the perspective of another spacecraft.

    NASA - Expedition 27 Departure Photos
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  2. grober

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    Historic pictures indeed with the perhaps the last familiar outlines of the space shuttle which have been around for so long [30 odd years] we take them for granted. They have figured in so many movies--Roger Moore as James Bond in MOONRAKER in 1979 and Bruce Willis in ARMAGEDDON in 1998 being only 2 that come to mind. It's almost universal appeal was that for once a spacecraft actually looked like the rocket ships of science fiction. Destined to be the iconic image of space exploration of the 20th century long after we are all gone.:cool:

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