[SOLVED] Issues with e320, eml sbc

Discussion in 'Engine' started by chrissoar1, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. chrissoar1

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    Feb 5, 2011
    w211 e320 cdi, 1935 austin 12/4, 1967 mgbgt, 311 Sprinter
    E320 cdi, w211,

    Hi, Had it into indie a few weeks ago regarding eml light on and a few other issues. Told can bus system not communicating but eml reset anyway but unable to reset old issue of srs light on(car previously bumped and air bag replaced). Left it at that as I can live with srs light. Apparantly no issue with engine regarding eml.

    started driving today and eml on dash back again with no turbo. Pulled over restarted, seemed to be ok but now harsh change down and eml light remains on.

    I have also noted on a couple of occasions sbc - s on dash and car drove at low speed with what felt like brakes on. Happened on two occasions when driving in car parks and reset when car restarted.

    Any advice welcome also any idea of good indie in the Selby / yorkshire area?


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