IT Dummy back again -Windows ME ?

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Jun 16, 2003
I run Windows ME (hopefully changing to XP in a couple of weeks time) At the moment, the system seems to be off beam. It is not in safe mode but background is grey and with lots of dots; Word and printer do not work, otherwise everything else seems to operate ok. The way the screen is, it is hard to read some print (on this forum, the part on private meesages is near illegible, for example) Would anyone know what is wrong? Or better still, how to cure it? System Restore does not work. On start-up, it states system is in normal mode but obviously it is not. I am slowly (no, change that to quickly) going mad. If anyone can suggest a cure, please remember I am an IT dummy. It took me ages to find out what reboot is and I have not progressed much since that!!
Just an idea, what is you screen colour level set too? 256 colours, 16-bit or 32-bit? That might explain the weird colours...
just to clear the above up:-

minimise / close everything

right click an open bit of the desktop

select 'properties'

that should bring up a box called 'display properties'

the last tab should be settings

check they are right (usually 1024/768 and 16 or 32 bit colour - NOT 256)

check all the other tabs while you are there - personally, I have under 'appearance' then the effects button, have the 'fade' off and shadows off (just wastes pooter brain time - especially if you are having problems)
Also check that the monitor plug has not worked a bit loose from the back of your system. This one is worth looking at first!

Windows ME? I'll bet you're getting pron related pop-ups every five minutes!
GazCaff said:
Windows ME? I'll bet you're getting pron related pop-ups every five minutes!

You're only jealous!


Thanks Everyone for the replies. I have checked all cables to see that they are secure, then checked settings -they are 640x480 and 16 bit colour. (If I change to 1024x768, colour goes to 256). I am not getting popups or porn - does this mean something is wrong?
It states the system is in normal mode when it obviously isn't. Dare I try putting it into Safe mode and then back to Normal? I am nervous about doing this as the last time it went into Safe mode, it would not come out of it.
Always had problems with ME so installed xp.
Why not wait though and upgrade to the new Vista from Microsoft out now for business use or Feb. for home use. It's supposed to be the dog's whatsits.
Go on the MS wesite to see if your PC is compatable.
Good luck!:D

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