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May 29, 2005
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I have a Siemens Panel in an apt which controls the dimmers in each and every room. The problem is that I want to convert all the halogen downlights to use LED bulbs. As a test, I removed one of the low voltage transformer connected to one of the downlights and wired up a GU10 LED dimmable bulb. All seems to work until I turned off the lights in the room upon which the LED bulb started to flicker.

I understand that this is a common issue with older dimmers that are not designed with LED bulbs in mind due to the leakage current vs the load. The Siemens dimmer module I have (5WG1 528-1AB02) is clearly an older generation designed prior to the availability of LED bulbs. So the simple solution is to replace the Siemens dimmers mounted in the panel with a newer module (5WG1 528-1DB01) that is compatible with LED bulbs. The problem is the modules residing in a Siemens Intrabus system require programming (I think as a minimum the address bus needs to be programmed). The datasheet states 'The device is configured and commissioned with Engineering Tool Software (ETS) version ETS4 or higher' and I have been unable to locate an Electrician who can do this.

Does anyone here know if I can get hold of the Siemens Engineering Tool Software? Or get hold of an Electrician that can program this system?

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