It would appear that the lunatics...

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Nov 6, 2007
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...really are running the asylum.

Northumbria Police are selling off all their motorcycles with immediate effect because they've decided that officers using them were "particularly vulnerable to collision". Defending the decision, loony-in-chief Chief Superintendent Neil Mackay, head of Northumbria Police's operations department, claimed that "There will be no loss of service to the public. Everything that can be done with a bike can also be done with a car".

What planet does this man live on? Is he so out of touch with reality that he thinks cars can get through heavy traffic to respond to an incident in the same way a bike can? With their fixation on Elf 'n' Safety, presumably the PC PC's running the show will be advocating the cessation of foot patrols soon on the grounds that if their officers stay safely in the Police Station or in cars then they won't risk tripping over their own bootlaces.

I despair :wallbash:
A sad day, but my guess is that someone worked out how much they cost per mile or hour out on patrol.

Very high training costs, high level of injuries associated with their use due to the vulnerability of the riders when faced with criminals in cars and limited tactical use (VIP escorts...).
Never an all-weather option either (and somehow I imagine it rains a lot up north?!).

Police bikes are never "high mileage" when they are sold (actually there are exceptions to that, but not many) and they carry very little useful kit.

It's all about priorities. Services need to curb spending so that Borden Grown can have his house cleaned. :rolleyes::wallbash:

Sorry - couldn't resist.

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