Its a girl!!

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And the new James Bond will be Idris Elba.

I really hate PC.
Running out of story for a while, Doctor Who has lost something it had under Tennant and Ecclestone. The last few weeks were tedious and the whole thing became very Earth-centric. In former or future times, the Doctor sorted out other planets.
Besides, times move on. Even the Daleks have wised up and carry Iphones*

*because an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Now she can go back and save poor Danny , if she needs any top tips she can always ask the local bobby.

Idris Elba should be the next Miss Marple
^ Brings new meaning to the quote from the film " Oh ..what a size they are" ( Where LMcB is parading around in the nude and is seen. The real line if anyone wants it is "Oh what a sigh there are.." ) but I preferred the films bad sound take..
Once a month it's going to be renamed...

Dr Whodoyouthinkyourelookingat. :devil:
Sigourney Weaver did alright as Ripley in the Alien Franchise?

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