JD power survey - not good news


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Dec 30, 2002
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Well, this doesn't surprise me, for one.

Its rather amusing that "Since the 1998 merger, Daimler executives have contended that Mercedes-Benz's knowledge of how to build quality vehicles would be used to improve the Chrysler brands". Well, that doesn't appear to have worked too well, does it? True, the overall quality of your typical Chrysler couldn't get much worse (and I speak from experience - some Chrysler hire cars I've had the misfortune of being in have the build quality of Plasticine), but rather the poor quality plastic and so forth has become entwined with Mercedes DNA, resulting in a poorer quality product.

Now, at the risk of being contentious, switchgear in modern Mercs ain't what it was. The switchgear in my E Class (W210) feels like it will still be working when I am dead and buried, but the same cannot be said (IMO) of latter day vehicles - and I include the latest C, E and S Class models in that list. Read any review of the S Class for example and in spite of great engineering and unsurpassed refinement and luxury, the switchgear invariably gets slated. Bloody right too - its a backwards step.

The other non shocker here is the standard of Mercedes dealerships, which is somewhat of a relief to us island dwellers that our brethren across the water suffer the same shoddy service that we must tolerate day in, day out.

An excursion to a Stealer (Milton Keynes) last Saturday only served to cement my opinion that in spite of the recent dealer cull, a load of dead wood still remains, full of spineless nobodys who'd rather eat their sandwiches in front of you than serve you. And as for getting you, a valued customer, a bottle of washer fluid? Forget it. Ain't gonna happen. Its human nature that we only remember the small things, but attitude like this isn't going to win them any friends.

Sorry for the long post, but Merc Custmer Service isn't my favorite subject right now.


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