Jerking at low speed (1100rpm 15mph)

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Jul 18, 2023
Took car in to mercedes due to this jerky at low rpm issue.
Happens around 1100rpm about 15mph, rev needle bounces up and down with the 'jerk'
Press accelerator down and no problem at all

Car is a 2010 c350 cdi

Only happens when feathering throttle at low speeds

Also ive experienced a hard thud when slowing down to a stop, where the transmission feels like it's changing down gear really hard, only really felt that a couple of times

They said no faults in ecu or transmission ecu
They then said its a case of guessing and suggested, either solenoids, vacuum leak, etc

I got the feeling they didn't want me or my car there. Nice

Anyway spoke to my local mechanic and he recommended a local transmission specialist

Called them up and he said its more likely the torque converter

Thoughts? Anyone had similar issue?
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Would a torque converter cause that sort of low speeds jerk at low rpms?
Booked in with Dunnings transmission specialist in Weymouth in 5 weeks time, they are gonna check it and replace Torque converter or solenoids once diagnosed

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