Jesus Ch...I want ...

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Dec 3, 2006
Audi TT RS 2.5 , Zanussi Wd12: - LG Combi Multiwave - Swan 9 slice toaster with removable crumb tray
She's just run in too at 105k

I'm sure she'll go for many more miles yet
Yes, but unlikely to lead to a complaint re: bumpy ride
nice love these old cars would make me feel like I was in ashes to ashes lol
chick in the pic is she included in this deal? :p :bannana:
That's the lightest blue I have ever seen. Nice solid front bulkhead- no sign of filler - always a good thing. The car looks a bit rusty tho.
She appears to be built for comfort.

"Every man [and woman] has his price" to quote Ted di Biase.
we really need an eyes on stalks emoji
Looks high maintenance to me. You'd probably only be able to afford to keep her for a short time; no long time love. Worth it, though...
I'm sure there's something in The Bible about this....
I only saw chick what else is there?

chick was the only thing i was looking at aswell.
back in the days maybe these honeys were included as seal the deal when purchasing a new car from the dealer? :thumb:

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