Jet Parks, Manchester. Avoid!

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    Looking on line for a postcode I found some worrying reviews for this car park.

    I phoned APH and they werenot prepared to move my booking to a more suitable airport car park.

    I have therefore sent them the following letter - I think it's self explanatory - hopefully I will be able to update here with news of a suitable conclusion.


    I refer to my booking made through the Institute of Advanced Motorists at “Jet Parks 3”.

    I was on line, looking for a post code for this car park, which I have not used before, when I read some very disturbing customer reviews regarding the self-park arrangement, potholed surfaces and a distance to walk to a bus stop carrying luggage.

    I have reduced mobility (but not a “blue badge”) and this car park would be unsuitable for me. Your web site merely mentions that there is space on shuttle buses for wheelchairs – bearing in mind the above this “Access Information” required under the Disability Discrimination Act is incomplete and insufficient.

    As it would cause a major issue if I was to wait until arrival at the car park to discover this, possibly even causing a missed flight, I attempted to pre-empt any problems by asking your call centre to move my booking to a more suitable car park bearing in mind my disabilities.

    Despite speaking to a supervisor, nobody was willing to do this, despite my long standing membership of the IAM and indeed having been a customer for over 25 years – going right back to the days of “Security Park”.

    I have made an alternative booking (your ref 12HYK) and I firmly consider that Jet Parks 3 has been mis-sold to me. Had the call centre been willing to change the booking, I would have been prepared to pay the difference – but I have had the annoyance of their inability to help, the time aspect of rebooking and indeed writing this letter, all while preparing to travel to an airport hotel.

    As such, I consider that I am not only due a full refund of the money paid for the original booking, but also a further amount for time, annoyance and inconvenience...

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