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That is stunning condition. Congrats! :thumb:
very nice
you didnt happen to see the green 320 coupe avantgarde have did you? i may be in the minority but the colour scheme is lovely.
very nice
you didnt happen to see the green 320 coupe avantgarde have did you? i may be in the minority but the colour scheme is lovely.

Had quick look at all his cars - this one was in great condition, but not my taste - sorry. The colour on the pictures aren't all that true though, I didn't think it looked quite so brown inside.
Congratulations Mike. That is a fantastic car. I'm looking forward to an early review!!
Totally stunning. Dam you guys tempt the hell out of me !
Oh man you've done it now .....
Thought I'd got over selling my 124.. Obviously not.

That's a gem :thumb:
That's gorgeous - well done. Hmmm, I think a S124 E36 would be quite nice, off to search the internet...
fabulous car Mike, congratulations
ive seen that car several times it looks perfect
great day for collection weather looks fine , pictures look great
a w124 and an AMG - doesnt come much better than that !

OMG! That car is beautiful and Im so pleased you bought it!

You and I almost have the same number plates too... M***LNH, what a coincidence!

Just fantastic! How does it feel to drive? :)
Another one here not very jealous! Congratulations, it does look fantastic. I think silver really suits the saloon, especially the AMG. Hope to see you both at a club event sometime. Enjoy them both.
Congrats on the new purchase, it looks like a stunning example. I hope it brings you many miles of enjoyment. This forum is a bad influence on me its making me have a real hankering for a 124 now. :D
^ Buy one! :)
Lol, Im getting very tempted. Im at that point where you check the classifieds daily to see whats what and do a bit of drooling.
Im glad this E36 went to one of us. Well done mate.

I think Avantgarde have an E36 cab and two E36 coupes left for sale after this one.
Some new additions


ebay aquisition. Not OE unfortunately. The wheel makes a big difference. The OE one was a bit like it was off a bus, this one is slightly smaller I think and feels much nicer


This is a recommendation from mika - it's got a very restrained display and works fine with bluetooth BlackBerry. I bought the optional microphone too and it works well. Having trouble loading the phone book though.

I like the SD card facility and now have 7.9 G of music to listen to, albeit through dodgy old speakers, which will be changed after my wedding and honeymoon.
I really like that steering wheel it suits very nicely
Blaupunkt fits in very well too - your photos are miles better than mine also !

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