JP Marques, near Ayelsbury, bucks.

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Feb 14, 2004
Porlock, Zomerzet
906 Sprinter 313cdi
Just had my CL serviced there (170 quid).

also a re-spray on quite a lot of the car.

after a few bodyshop/mechanic/boss misscommunications (bits not being done, exhaust leak not sorted) - its all done. They were very apologentic, and lots of proffers of tea.. lol - they did a bit more painting as a freebie / apology. See pics in the gallery..

seem to know their stuff, have the relevant MB kit (Star diagnostic) and clean and tidy workshop.

Not MB only - just seem enthusiastic about them - they liked my car... (it seemed :) )

All in all - quite happy - painting was cheap(ish) but good enough... car came back spotless (inside and out)
Just read the invoice.

The usual notes at the bottom - front pads 50% worn, chip on windscreen etc.

"Exhaust - Noisy Rear Box"

LMAO. That'll be the AMG V8 backbox mated to the 4 cylinder engine!

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