Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

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May 17, 2016
ML320 CDI Sport
Hi all,

I'd appreciate your thoughts, please.

My 126K ML undergoes quite a pronounced judder when gently accelerating/decelerating between about 20 - 60 mph. The tracking and alignment have been checked and all ok, as has the suspension and shocks. My local dealer suggests the problem is somewhere in the gearbox and may well be an issue with the torque converter (for which they quote around £1000 to replace - ouch!!).

My question is: does this sound plausible? Is there anything else I should consider before embarking on an expensive fix that may not resolve the issue?


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drive shaft bearing can cause a vibration
ebzoid I have had a similar issue with my 2006 320 CDI recently.

However, mine was only noticeable on hard acceleration from 20-50mph. Turned out to be the rear propshaft, the front bearing had seized and I replaced the entire rear propshaft and now the vibration has gone.

If your torque convertor was playing up then I would have thought the vibration would be more noticeable when accelerating hard?
I had the same symptoms on a CLK55 AMG some years ago and it was indeed the torque converter.

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