Just bin' promoted!!!

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Apr 10, 2004
Ulrome, Driffield, East Yorkshire.
An SLK R171 with lots of toys and a Golf Plus for fishing.
Just been called into my next but one boss' office. I've been 'acting up' into my soon to be retiring managers job and I have been told that his job is not going to be advertised, I am getting it by reward and default.

Sorry, I just had to tell someone, I cant get through to home as the phone is engaged (wifey's eh :rolleyes: ?).

Mozzer said:
And the new celebratory car will be...?

You've been following, shall we say, my somewhat protracted SLK, leather/silver/black/grey/beige/metallic threads havnt you ;) ?

Oooof, blimey, never thought of that one though ;) ? I'll have to have a chat with Mrs P. She did say that if circumstances change then go for it. I cant get through to home though :( , I blame BT ''Friends and Family'' for that.


Its written in the stars "out of the dark shall come light" particulary when you put the roof down on your new SLK.

Congratulations, You deserve it. And good luck Mr Manager Sir. :bannana:
Well done mate. :rock: :rock:

Lease car with job did I hear?? ;)
Laffin, fella! :bannana: :D :bannana:

Many Congrats Portzy, I hope it's catching.
Woo Hoo !!! :bannana:

Glad it all worked out for you in the end !
Thanks one and all :D .

Not sure about the company lease car though, Jag or no Jag, I think that was tongue in cheek but I'm sometimes slow on the uptake :eek: . I tend to like choosin' me own and I think we all know where that thought process is going right now.

Blimey, think I'll nip round to the Co-Op and have a lucky dip on the lottery before it shuts ;)

Nice to hear you're having some good news Portzy. Well done,I'm sure you deserve it. :bannana: :bannana:
Nice one :) and remember to give a tramp a tenner :D
(A real one not the professional druggies you get these days :) )
Brilliant news. I'm delighted for you - both of you. :rock: :bannana:


well done

As they say in the song....now is the time ......to buy that car...well i just made it up ;)

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