Just flown an r/c plane in my living room

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Aug 7, 2005
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Well after 33 years of flying r/c, what would have been science fiction only a few years ago just came true - I've been flying a plane in my living room (which is a very average size ... we don't live in a barn conversion or anything!).

Take off from the floor or sofa, cruise around, and land safely. It's a bit tight, but quite do-able when there's too much breeze to fly it on the drive or in the back garden.

This is a proper r/c plane with two servos operating rudder and elevator, electric motor, gearbox, undercarriage, and a duration of approx. 15 minutes. Operated from a normal r/c transmitter (the same one I use for my electric helicopter). The 'ready to fly' weight is 14.8 grams (a whisker over half an ounce), wingspan 14.75". The motor and r/c both run off a single 70 mAh Li-Po cell, which weighs about 2.5 grams and charges in 20 mins.

Bought 'off the shelf', just charge the battery and fly. £59 including battery and charger! Few pictures (not mine):





I've been flying indooor r/c with bigger electric models in sports halls etc. for some years now ... not long ago you'd have paid £50 for a single ultra-light servo. To get a whole ready to fly model for not much more is astonishing.

The plane flies beautifully - very responsive, and will slow to a crawl without stalling (nose high, lots of power). On full throttle it will climb almost vertically and accelerates rapidly straight & level, so 'power management' is critical in tight spaces. Lots of fun :)
Would love to get one of those fitted out with a small wireless camera, which also are very small and very light weight these days. Could make for some amazing aerial shots.
Please don't post things like this, I waste enough money on things I don't need as it is. :p ;)
Bought my own Vapor about 3 weeks ago, our lounge is a bit small for it, but it's great in this big building we have at work when it hasn't got even bigger flying objects in it! :) I have to agree with you BTB, 'modelling' has come a long way in a short time!
Id be interested in one of these.....where did you get it from ?
Id be interested in one of these.....where did you get it from ?

Just Google 'Parkzone Vapor' .. many of the online model stores sell it.

There are two versions:

"Ready to Fly" (RTF) which contains a transmitter
"Bind 'N Fly" (BNF) if you already have a suitable transmitter (2.4 Ghz, DSM2 ... I have a Blade CX2 helicopter so used the TX from that)

The BNF version is obviously a bit cheaper.

It really needs flat calm outdoors (dusk or first thing in the morning). Indoors is better if you have enough space, but a good degree of skill and experience is needed for flying in anything smaller than a conference room IMO.
This is something vaguely similar I built 7 years ago, much bigger (to counteract the much higher weight of r/c equipment and batteries back then). Cost a small fortune due to all the special carbon fibre parts (including the 11" prop)







Braun Stubenfliege -all carbon structure, 7 gram per sq. metre Mylar covering, Kevlar rigging, Faulhaber 1524 coreless ballraced motor, 11.8:1 gearbox, JMP HF9 hi-freq esc, 11x4.5" WES carbon prop., 2 x Pico F JST plug servos, MPX Pico 3/4 RX (case removed), originally 8x50 mAh nicd, now 3 x 450 mAh Li Ion, home-made carry case.

Still got it and fly it occasionally, needs a bit more room than the Vapor due to the size.
BTB - no longer in business, but thanks for your past custom! I built a Stubenfliege when they first came out and IIRC, one servo cost about the same as the whole Vapor! Got my Vapor at the Nats this year £70 with transmitter!
Isn't it just marvelous? The little electric helicopters are fun, too, if a bit knacky to fly. But the cats seem to grow accustomed to them a bit too quickly.
I can hardly wait for the next decade's toys.
Bill what a talented man you are :p
Isn't it just marvelous? The little electric helicopters are fun, too, if a bit knacky to fly. But the cats seem to grow accustomed to them a bit too quickly.

I was flying my heli in the back garden and the dogs got out. One in particular was determined to eat it - leaping up and down like a mad thing! I had to land it on the patio table in the end.

Smallest r/c helicopter, only $39 doollars

Product Features
  • R/C Helicopter is amazingly small and stores inside its own remote
  • Choose from three different colors, each on its own channel and fly with a friend
  • Flashing Blue LED for Night Flying
  • Intended for indoor use. Outdoor flying only under ZERO wind conditions
  • Full Flight control with up/down and turn right/left
  • Body is constructed from durable EPP foam
  • Copter stores inside of remote
  • Charges from remote
  • 15 minute charge time, 5 - 7 minute flight time
  • Extra tail rotor included
  • Uses 6 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Copter is 4.65" in length
Continuing the micro r/c theme, this is my latest:



A 16" span P-51D with full 4-channel proportional radio ... 34 grams (1.25 oz), ready to fly!

Not suitable for the lounge, but should be a lot of fun at the winter indoor sessions (or outdoors on a calm evening - still waiting for one of those :() :)
out of interest Bill where do you indoor fly then ?

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