Just put a deposit down on this E Class

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Mar 27, 2014
W212 E250 CDi AMG Sport

Really looking forward to collecting it this week. Just sold my C220 CDi Coupe, just never loved it after six months of ownership and the pull to the left just irritated me to the point in which I needed to move it on. Plus with a growing family I needed something bigger.

I do on average 350 miles a week, mainly motorway driving and was looking at the E350 CDi but for my needs the E250 will do just fine. Cruising at between 70 and 80 on the motorway it doesn’t matter what the engine is really and for any queueing traffic then again the smaller 4 cylinder will do me just fine.

Are these pretty decent and reliable overall?
Put it this way, Chris Harris ran several E250’s as his family cars for ages.

But then he does own and drive a lot of other … curious … motors as well

For someone doing 20k mainly motorway miles a year, hard to think of anything more practical.

It seems strange that someone with the exotic surname 'Coupe' would have 'Fred' as a first name.
I had a laon car for a couple of days when my GLE when in for nox change at main dealer. We had to go to a funeral in the midlands and i told the MB people as i was worried re excess miles - they said fie - it was a 360 miles round trip same day - the car was a 250d se - had a lot of toys inc pan roof - it was the best drive ever - not sure if it cause i'd been driving a top-heavy suv for some years - it was so quiet, the mpg was unbelievable the best ever by miles for me and what really topped it off was i was not tiered at the ed of the day on a long trip as usally with the other cars

Good choice, enjoy.
Car drives like it has just come out of the showroom. Super quiet, no knocks, no bangs. Steering is light, gearbox is smooth, engine is quiet, I’m actually astounded how good it is for a 4 cylinder.

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