K&N Filter removed Engine still louder

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Peter Michaels

Active Member
Feb 25, 2017
2008 C-Class 180 SE Kompressor 1.8 Saloon
Hello I put in k&n and it made no difference in a couple of months driving driving apart of my very quiet engine becomming louder.

And now that I swapped it back to the original filter, the engine won't go back to its original sound and has remained louder.

Nothing I did so far like resetting everything back to default has brought back the engines original quietness. A bit disappointed really.

Anything I can do?
Many thanks
Check you have not displaced any pipework or seals during the filter change.

What were you expecting the K&N filter to do?
I'm perplexed as there is a mostly negative mountain of information regarding K&N available at ones finger tips .

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