"Keep on knocking !!!!"

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Feb 16, 2005
Beverley, East Yorkshire.
E220 CDi
Hi team,
W210 220 cdi 1999 Face lift. Love the car, just a couple of niggling things. The ride is perfect on smooth roads and motorway. Get on the B roads and the front shocks sound like they are knocking. 168K on the clock , probably original shocks. Does it sound like they need replacing ? any ideas if its a DIY ( quite competent ) job or a garage job. How much ?. I'd rather go for a smooth quality ride than any sport set up, I'm just a plodder when it comes to driving.

Also the steering is a bit sloppy, a bit of play in the wheel when cruising along. Is there a damper on this model ?
Thanks Merc 808
What model car is it you have?

<edit> I should read before putting fingers to keyboard, sorry

Could be your antiroll bar drop links, the steering is rack and pinion and has no damper like the box type, the inner balljoints on the rack wear and are approx £30 each and easy changed.

To check drop links, jack up car and support safely, undo the Torx bolt that bolts the drop link to the wish bone if it is sloppy then replace it.


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