Keeping chrome tailpipes clean

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Sep 21, 2013
Any tips on keeping these clean - so far metal polish and a small toothbrush and hard work! Anyone recommend a polish to stop the soot binding to the pipes. Cheers


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Tar in the summer months is the only real problem on my tips. Autoglym Tar & Glue remover is effective.

Some interesting suggestions here. LINK.
Thanks for link - lot's of ideas. I'll post any relevant updates. Thanks again.
Believe it or not, the best thing I have found for stainless steel is a household cleaning product. The only supermarket that has it is Tesco around my area.

It is a brilliant product though.

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Strip the chrome, & get them powder coated in gloss black. Best thing I ever did.
I've always used Autosol and a non scratch scouring sponge pad... works everytime to clean to a good polish.

Then I stick some Dodo Juice Hard Wax over the top to try and protect but it doesn't do that much to stop.

I think G-Techniq need a product, the C5 Wheel Armour is amazing for my alloys and really stops brake dust...
I saw some stuff on youtube where you can but these metal soap bars... Various gradients and seem to do the trick... Selling on eBay for around £6. May try to give. Good going over before it gets really cold otherwise will be first job of spring
Thanks again for feedback - 2 coats of JETSEAL 109™ applied, will keep you updated on how long it lasts.


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I just use a small amount of silvo once every month and this keeps them perfectly shiny. As long as you remember to give them a wipe with the wadding it prevents built up and is very easy.
Ceramic hob cleaner, a quid from the pound shop.
I use Solvol Autosol, just spread over the tailpipes and wipe with a polishing cloth. No hard polishing needed, it takes about a minute!
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