Keeping the Windscreen Wash from Freezing

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That has now expired. But the wires in the screen heating system they used is a bit old hat now. Some manufacturers now use the Saint Gobain Climacoat system.
And shown apparently fitted to a Merc?
Correct - you can even flick it on with a remote from the bedroom.
Handy for those days when you can tell the CLK isn’t even getting off the drive 👍
Interesting. 👍 Fair enough then.
It's time all cars had a heated screen , it's pathetic that they don't.
Should be a safety recall.

Beats DPF crap I would rather wasn't there.

Nearly forgot :p
I have used in the past a "Heatshot kit". It's a small inline heater that gives you warm water to the screen, and thaws out your jets. Being warm it doesn't seem to re-freeze, and also it's great for clearing salty screens on winter motorways.
I went to fit a spare kit I have to my W205 today, but I'm struggling to find room.

I'm not sure if it's made any more as I can't seem to find a website.

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