Kent, Surrey And Sussex Members, Air Ambulance Funding Effort

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Nov 13, 2008
Nr Ashford, Kent
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It's amazing that air ambulance is not government funded considering the essential work they do! KSS air ambulance currently lease one of their helicopters costing them £0.5million PA that they can stop if they buy the helicopter for £1million, as well as allowing them to operate more flights, so they are fund raising hoping to achieve that. When I looked ( and contributed) earlier today they are almost halfway to that, but time is short for them and for contributions

I worked offshore UK/Holland in the oil industry for many years in a senior position, so had a number of occasions when a helicopter to evacuate for a medical emergancy or casualty evacuation was needed, so it's a service very close to my heart.

The website is, I'm hopeful that Kent/Surrey/Sussex members will see this and fell a contribution is worthwhile.

Many thanks, Chris

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