Kerb build outs.

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Nov 24, 2003
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These are appearing all over the place. Seem to be the next mania after speed humps:

"At some road junctions visibility is often reduced because of the shape of the roads or because of parked cars. Building out the kerb into the carriageway can help solve this problem. It provides protection for motorists emerging from a side road as they can safely pull further out to see, and can be seen. Pedestrians are similarly protected, have more space to stand and can also see and be seen better. Cars are forced to park further from a junction or crossing point."

All well and good in theory. But of course they restrict the width of the road.
So why would anyone build one just after the point in a one way system where traffic converges from two directions and there is quite a bit of changing over of lanes? Blocks the flow of traffic, makes merging easily next to impossible and causes accidents because it creates a unexpected chicane!

Drivers who do not know about this nonsense come around a corner and are immediately faced with the kerb build out on the RHS of a two lane one way system with no prior warning, no paint highlighting of the build out and all on a road with bad lighting.

Insanity. :mad:
Do gooders at the council who have not thought the problem out fully, to$$ers imo

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