Key Internals Swap

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Apr 23, 2004
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I realise that this has been discussed before , and i have searched for threads relating to it , and i think i can follow the jist of how to do it ...

Has anyone done a HOWTO for swapping the internals of an electronic key for a 2001 CLK ? With pictures , so i can see what i am looking prise off / slide out ...

The buttons on mine are cracked.

I did find some old threads showing the key internals detached but I did not find instructions how to get the circuit board out.

Anyway the user manual explains how to remove the key batteries. Once that is done, you have to release the circuit board with a knife or something and just pull it off. A photo at this thread shows the top of the key open and explains how to release the circuit board:
Thank you ! :)

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