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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by tanuie, May 1, 2014.

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    Hi, I have just bought a CLK 320 2005 it comes with keyless go which does not work, I was told this before buying it which I accept, however are these systems problematic and what is likely the most common cause.
    Do you have to have a star diagnostic to tell you the problems.
    Me being me I have to have everything working if it's fitted to the car.
    Many Thanks.
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    If the car is factory fitted it is a relatively simple fix.

    Areas to probe.
    - door locks
    - door handles
    - door modules
    - centre console module
    - gear selector
    - trunk wiring
    - main control module on the rear fuse box

    As a safety feature, keyless go stops working if it is broken somewhere. Assuming the car is 100% original and not been tampered with, these faults are uncommon.

    Once you identify the fault with a diagnostic you do a software startup process and it all resets itself. It even pops the doors open sequentially to validate the door locks. Cool to see it in the self test.
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