Klasse Series Automotive - Edinburgh & West Lothian

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Sep 26, 2012
W166 GLE350d
Well, I'm not one for leaving feedback even after a good experience but this is completely different.

I turned up to the shop and spoke to the owner, Colin Nicol and realised this wasn't your normal MB indy.

My CL was heavily modified with the Weistec supercharger and I turned up with custom parts with just assumptions they would be bolt-on. None were really and the work the guys put in (Colin and Zeebo) is nothing short of incredible.

If they couldn't do something in-house to perfection it was outsourced and done to their standards - some parts came back and were rejected before I even saw them as they didn't pass their QC.

I also sent my dads ML for a service at the shop and the job once again was first class. The car was collected and delivered just like a dealership - although I know it wasn't going to be ragged to and fro the garage.

They also cover BMW/Mini and Colin is a VW nut.

Honestly, I can not recommend this company highly enough, they go above and beyond for their customers.

Link to their site for address etc - click here

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