Kleemann supercharger CLK500 insurance increase

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Jun 26, 2015
CLS63 AMG (W219)
So for a while, I've been thinking of getting a Kleemann blower, but entering it as a mod on comparison sites brings my insurance up to about 5 times what I pay now :/ is this accurate? I know because it's not a mod done by Mercedes themselves, they don't like it one bit, but for what it's worth, I can just save for a while and get a CLS55 AMG, insurance on which is coming up the same as my 500 :/ anyone been kleemanised and what did the insurance say?
Insurance doubled when I supercharged my ML55 with Kleemann. Every other mod however didn't change the premium.

Kleemann kit will work out of the box however I'd go for a complete AMG supercharged M113K engine if I were you.

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