Knocking noise when brake applied

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W L Ow

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Feb 16, 2005
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
C200-202(A) 1997
My 11 year old C200 has recently developed knocking noise when the brake is applied to slow down. It sounds like the ABS working but it is not because there is no knock at the foot pedal. It wasn't hard braking anyway. I have replaced the two front disc but it did not help at all. The brake pads are still new.

MY wild guess now is the rubber bush some where at the front suspension has given way but yet to check them out. Could any one kind enough to offer some advice? What is the next part to be changed. If the bushes are to be changed, any advice as I have not done this before.

Could be the anti roll bar bushes or even worn engine/gearbox mounts. Otherwise get the front suspension upper and lower ball joints checked- quite a common failure. If its the suspension arm inner mount bushes then renewing them is best left to a garage with a heavy duty press to remove and replace them. You may also be able to buy complete suspension arms complete with ball joints and bushes but not sure. If you dismantle the suspension to this extent you will need it retracked afterwards.
Thanks Graeme,

Your diagnosis is likely correct as I recall now there were lots of free play at the left steering knuckle area when I replaced the disc last week end. I shall check out the joint and bush areas mentioned in your post this evening. Thanks

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