knocking/ticking noise from n/s front

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New Member
Jun 28, 2013
North Wales
2001 W203
Hi everyone.
This is my first attempt to post as a new member.
I have a 2001 220cdi auto saloon with 66000 mls.
A ticking/knocking noise has started which sounds to be coming from n/s front suspension area. The noise comes in at about 15 to 30 mph and continues at higher speeds but not as noisy.
The noise occurs when you put very slight right hand lock and when taking right hand bends only, it disappears immediately you put slight left lock on.
It is not the wheel bearing or brake disc/pads or front lower suspension arms/joints as these have all been renewed.
I sometimes even think it may be coming from n/s/f footwell or gear lever area.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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