Kowalski from Sweden needs urgent help!

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Sep 20, 2005
I Loewe Old Skool AMG
I'm going to buy complete new LCA for my C43 AMG.
Since my C43 is a LEFT hand drive import from Luxembourg and UK cars are RIGHT hand drive manufactured.

Here is the question:
If I buy LCA arms for my car from a UK seller do I get the same arms manufactured for LEFT and RIGHT hand cars?
Do I get LCA'S manufactured for RIGHT hand cars?

I need an urgent reply hopefully from a skilled mechanik or someone who knows about these stuff.
Many thanks
I am sure there is no difference between LHD and RHD lower suspension arms. DON'T Buy the cheapo arms. Get either Lemforder or genuine MB.
As above, it's hard to see what could be different. So buy from the UK and relax.
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Thanks for quick replies, buddies. :bannana:
This is the part I wanna buy left/right side for my car

I guess these LCA are re-marked as: Left hand drive LCA from non UK cars is RIGHT drivers side LCA for UK cars?
And RIGHT side LCA for non UK cars is LEFT passengers side for UK cars?
This is what is it for re-marked vice versa?
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Update: I just ordered them.
They are LEMFÖRDER made for C43 AMG.

Anyone replaced their factory LCA with LEMFÖRDER aftermarket LCA?
Do you know if the inner non solid bushing (known for going bad) is made of better quality on the aftermarket LCA compared to factory stock version?

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