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Sep 29, 2008
C63 Supercharged Stage 3 and E63s Estate
From all the recent interest with KW suspension systems, I am happy to say with a minimum of 5 People we can 10% off retail :bannana:.

There will be various locations for installation, so wherever suits you pretty much

There are various systems you can choose from which are all on their website

Some info from their site;

KW is one of the world’s leading suppliers of performance oriented suspension systems. KW’s wide range accommodates nearly every vehicle platform. KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System) avoids road clearance difficulties. Technical demanding sport drivers who are interested in huge lowering with high comfort level are using KW Coilovers. The product range KW Suspensions with its three lines
KW Spring Sets, KW Sport Suspension Kits and KW Sport Shock Absorbers has been extended for 2010. KW Street Comfort has been developed for the performance orientated commuters who require an increase in the level of comfort of their performance suspension system. KW Clubsport is the solution for the trackday enthusiasts who require a more aggressive suspension setup.

Please State Your User name / Car / Year / and What kit you are interested in,

1. LEEC63 / SC C63 / 2010 / DDC KIT
You sure they can do the HLS on the C63? Kw told me they couldn't do it :/

Please can you pm me a price for a V3 kit and a DDC kit
Mercedes C63 KW Coilovers

Part Number :

39025004 £2347 + Vat DDC
35225033 £1631 + Vat V3

Control for the DDC for Iphone or Analog £225 + Vat

The Above are retail prices so there will be a 10% discount on this price.

Fitted and tracking is at a extra cost depending on which kit is used.
We can offer other KW kit please let me know which one is required.


guys we have 1 person ready to order is there any one else who is intrested.

Also we can offer H&R and Eibach Springs aswell for person who do not want to spend :)

Let me know


What would a set of H&R springs come out at? i'd have a set of Coilovers but want to get other bits first :)

Come on fellas get your name down.
Fully adjustable suspension and if you go the DDC route it can be adjusted via switch in the car or by an App on your Smart Phone........Its the way forward to keep the car from going light on the front at higher speeds (On the Autobhan)
What would a set of H&R springs come out at? i'd have a set of Coilovers but want to get other bits first :)


call me with you reg I will get you a price

07765 44 44 47



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