Label mark on sunvisor

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Feb 29, 2020
Sittingbourne, Kent
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I've been doing some detailing and one of the areas I'm having a problem with is a "stain" on the sunvisor (the previous owner probably removed a label and the adhesive mark is still there).

I've tried a number of remedies (unsuccessfully):
Goo Gone
Sticky Stuff Remover
Dr Beckmann stain remover
Upholstery cleaner

Any more suggestions please?

Many thanks

sun visor.jpg
It's possible that the rest of the shade has faded compared to that under the sticker.

As above - it's probably not a stain as such - just the material around the 'patch' reacting to lengthy exposure to UV.
The original label was on the reverse side of the visor so I've removed it and replaced to the front side where it was originally. There is a "stain" now on the reverse side (no probs as not normally on show) which means that it is from the adhesive and not from UV, as this side is never exposed to the sun.

For a mild product, I use medical adhesive residue remover (if they're safe to use on your skin, they'll likely not cause damage to the material). You can also try and use a piece of cloth slightly soaked in WD40.

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